Monday, February 4, 2013

New Collage Work

These images are  from Cultural Safari. I love making collages and have chosen to explore my collage work more in this sketchbook class. I'm really looking forward to it. Most of the time when I start a collage,  i don't have a specific image in mind. I just piece together different images and continue working until I think the collage has a reached a  good point. I like to incorporate pattern, old library cards, pen, ink, nail polish, and use imagery from National Geographic and fashion magazines. 

This is an architectural collage from an older building on Main Street near Westport Kansas City, MO.  

Went to the Chinese New Year at the Nelson Atkins. I watched the dragon dance and a yo yo show but wasn't satisfied with any drawings I made. So I drew a sculpture instead!!! This is actually the first collage made in this class that I have not incorporated nail polish in!! 

Decided to draw my 50's glasses from observation. repeated the shape of the drawing and stamped a pattern on top using crackle nail polish. 

The image on red paper was a sketch done at Cabela's. I was really fascinated by the shape and texture of goat horns that I took it a bit further and create this collage.