Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kansas City Architecture Drawings

This semester I am enrolled in an illustration elective called Cowtown Cool. In it, we are working in collaboration to create a visual atlas of Kansas City along with writings. Our contribution is to provide the imagery. With all the students having different focus, my focus is Arts and Entertainment in Kansas City. I began with the illustration of the Folly Theatre- and liked the loose, sketch-like feel and drawing architecture that I have decided to stick with this style and slowly develop a series. These are all hand draw, scanned, then brought into photoshop and digitally colored.

The Folly Theatre- probably my favorite drawing so far!

Power & Light- eh. I'm content with how it looks, it's finished..moving on!

Here's the finished version! 
Town Topic Hamburgers. This is the drawing- not quite finished coloring it yet- have to work out a few things before it's finished. So far I am pleased with the way it looks.

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