Friday, November 30, 2012

Pattern Mock Ups

Decided to put my patterns in some form of context- so made mock ups of what they would look like if they were printed on an actual product. I plan on making more mock ups of other patterns I have created. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kansas City Architecture Drawings

This semester I am enrolled in an illustration elective called Cowtown Cool. In it, we are working in collaboration to create a visual atlas of Kansas City along with writings. Our contribution is to provide the imagery. With all the students having different focus, my focus is Arts and Entertainment in Kansas City. I began with the illustration of the Folly Theatre- and liked the loose, sketch-like feel and drawing architecture that I have decided to stick with this style and slowly develop a series. These are all hand draw, scanned, then brought into photoshop and digitally colored.

The Folly Theatre- probably my favorite drawing so far!

Power & Light- eh. I'm content with how it looks, it's finished..moving on!

Here's the finished version! 
Town Topic Hamburgers. This is the drawing- not quite finished coloring it yet- have to work out a few things before it's finished. So far I am pleased with the way it looks.

Collage frenzy!

It began when I was bored and decided to get back into I can't stop! I just love cutting, looking at old images, combining them and of course getting modge podge all over myself. Here is what I have come up with. Most of the images are from Old National Geographic magazines and Glamour/fashion magazines. Like all collages I use a variety of mixed media. I've recently been experimenting with crackle nail polish -which when layered over a coat of dry modge podge gives a really cool effect!! I'm going to have to buy more! 

Other Patterns

For my senior thesis I have decided to focus on designing and making patterns. My usual process includes drawing out my imagery first with ink, scanning, then assembling the pattern in photoshop where I proceed to digitally color it as well. 

This pattern was based off flowers I had drawn for a portrait. I liked the flowers so much I thought about making it into a pattern and this is what I came up with. 

 I'm starting to notice how much I like things related to the 60's era and decided to draw hairstyles from the 60's and make it into a pattern! This is probably my favorite pattern at the moment. 

I decided to draw out these abstract flowers that look more like something that should be undersea or something like that. I decided to try two different color palettes. I'm content with them- though they are one of my least favorite patterns I've made so far.

Collage Patterns

I was wanting to take a break from drawing patterns and work more with collage. I decided to make these patterns made up of old library cards, time sheets, and other found papers. I assembled on paper with modge pode, scanned in then assembled in photoshop.